Your waste,
our resource
ABOUT US We retain CO2 that would have otherwise been
released from industrial waste incineration
MORE ABOUT PRODUCTS With our innovative processes, we engineer
durable materials to create new carbon negative
products without using virgin trees
Products for
a Greener Future
ABOUT US Designed to look good,
engineered to do good

Measurable & real contribution

Measurable and real contribution to global CO2 and formaldehyde reduction with every project we do.

Upcycling ideas

Best in class industrialization of breakthrough upcycling ideas.

Real value add

Profitable business model with the environment in mind — our innovative process captures CO2 that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

The new dimension of
bio based raw materials

Our products significantly reduce
the ecofootprint of our customers
operations towards a circular economy.

ecobrain value add

New and unique products protected by globally issued ecobrain patents.
Comprehensive know-how about upcycling of renewable raw materials to enable a circular economy and capturing CO2

Manufacturer benefits

Enter new fast-growing markets.
No additional sales and marketing costs.
Partnering and being an integral part of a truly CO2 negative supply chain.

Customers benefits

Gain market share by attracting environmentally conscious consumers.
Improve the brand’s recognition as environmentally positive.
Increase profit through higher turnover and reduced disposal costs.